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Care Bear TankTops

Care Bear TankTops


This is our newest design. They are too freaking cute! Various sizes and colors!
Care Bear inspired and one of a kind. You cannot find these elsewhere!

Please leave a note of what Care Bear design is wanted!
-Grumpy Bear
-Share Bear
-Peach Bear

Prewarning: if you order black, the fibers might seep through slightly. It is unavoidable because the dark fabric.
Free Shipping about 14 days so please be patient you will get a tracking email.

Care Bear TankTops Image 2 Care Bear TankTops Image 3 Care Bear TankTops Image 4 Care Bear TankTops Image 5
XO Bear Top
Yogi Bear Jacket
Winnie Reversible Jacket
Care Bear Head Bands
My Life is Crap
Grumpy Flame Bear Shirt
Winnie Hoodie
Rollin with the Homies Shirt
$23.00 - $33.00
Sunshine Bear Bag
Winnie Tote Bag
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